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Expected Annual ROI: 37%

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TENT is an ambitious cryptocurrency project focused on privacy, security, and ease of use. Formed originally by SnowGem Foundation as SnowGem (XSG) in 2017, we have been working quietly throughout the bear market to provide the product features set out in our roadmap with the guidance of our community. From then until now, the original founders have built a team of developers dedicated to producing a private, secure, high-throughput cryptocurrency platform with real-world swapping, spending and on-ramp capabilities. We’re admittedly a collection of techies, geeks and crypto-maximalists who have been so focused on the technology that it’s high time we communicated its value to the rest of the world. So, we are excited to present the rebranding of TENT in Q1 2021. Take a look around and see what makes this project so interesting, such as: - Consistent and ongoing development for the past three years - Ambitious product features and forward-looking roadmap - Active, supportive user community - Turnkey masternode staking system with predictable yield - User-friendly, multi-currency, non-custodial wallets for mobile and desktop - In-wallet swaps and on-ramping - Hybrid masternode/PoW consensus secures blockchain from 51% attack - No pre-mine, no ICO and algorithmically-controlled, non-inflationary tokenomics What Makes TENT Unique? In two words: Ease and Utility Ease. Our mobile wallets are designed by industry leading UX designers with years of application design experience ​outside the cryptospace​ to ensure that interactions are intuitive, easy and user-friendly from a crypto-noob perspective. We’ve made establishing a masternode to earn staking rewards as simple as a few clicks with our hosted masternode solutions while retaining their private keys for ultimate ownership. Users can transfer or swap tokens on the go from inside the mobile wallet. Utility. The TENT blockchain has been running for three years and is designed to be high-throughput and low-fee in nature. Protected by a hybrid masternode/PoW system, the blockchain features zk-Snarks for transaction privacy​​ and TENT Secure for consensus defense. Finally, through the support of SnowGem Foundation and TENT Corporation, we look forward to announcing some industry-leading options to shop and spend in the real world over the coming months. We hope that these developments, along with better exchange listings and improved brand communications will lead to greater accessibility among the general public. We invite you to join our community, read the roadmap, and try the technology. Your feedback inspires our direction and shapes our path forward, so drop in on Discord and have a chat. We’re listening.


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