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Earn BTC Weekly

At Satoshis Mines we use a selection of the
best performing masternodes to earn our
masternode stake holders a residual income

Video: How it works Get Masternodes

OWN THE BEST, WHATEVER YOUR BUDGET MAY BE Get A Share in the Masternode You Want, Not just the one you can Afford.


Step 1. Choose up to 5 of your favorite masternode coins from our list.


Step 2. We match your preferences with others to build your masternode portfolio.


Step 3. We maintain the masternodes while you relax and monitor the progress.


Whichever Masternodes you choose, you'll be paid weekly in BTC.

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Make Bitcoin with Satoshis Mines supporting the crypto community with bespoke tools & services

Master Ninjas
BTC Paid

Memberships Available to Suit Any Budget From FREE to Unlimited Master Access for £127

Ninja Follower

  • Ninja Access
  • Share A Node

Ninja Disciple

  • 3 Month membership
  • basic starter tools

Ninja Zealot

  • 6 Month membership
  • +more advanced tools


  • +sent BMM & Poster

Masternode ROI Compared to other Assets

Bank Savings
Real Estate
S&P 500
Our Masternodes

Your Vote Counts!

Each month we run our algorithm to find the 12 best (most consistent revenue producers) masternode coins listed on that have not yet been added to Satoshis Mines. These 12 are then voted on by the Moocharoo community, at the end of the month the masternode coin with the most votes is added to the list of available masternode investments here on Satoshis Mines.

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Latest Ninja News Keeping you in the loop with everything going on here at Moocharoo Ninja HQ

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photo blog Moocharoo 1st Jun 2020

The Ethereum Killers are Dead Ducks | Why you should invest in Ethereum

Back in early 2018 still high on the exuberance of the ICO fuelled bull market frenzy of 2017, many people including myself were out on…

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New LIVE Daily Trading Signals

The Moocharoo Ninja website has just been through a huge upgrade to the new MN2.0 version of the site.

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photo blog Moocharoo 23rd Aug 2019

12 best coins for any day trading cryptocurrency strategy

2017 was an epic year for trading cryptocurrency, any fool could have made money in the market day trading crypto back then, I know I did!

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Mastering Masternodes

Satoshis Mines is just one part of a greater crypto investment plan put forward by Moocharoo Ninja. Over at Moocharoo Ninja you will find that there are 5 parts to this investment plan, all sites interlink so you can use the same login credentials between sites.

  • Standard Ninja: As a standard ninja you will simply recieve in bitcoin your share of masternode revenue at the end of each week.
  • Master Ninja: As a Master Ninja 50% of your masternode revenue is re-invested each week for collosal compounding of your masternode investments over time.

Click button below to find out more about earning potential as a Master Ninja:

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  • BCH $ 268.21
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